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Art House Cinema Solutions is the best CRM solution for Art House Cinemas: offering fully integrated Concessions POS, Ticketing, Screen Scheduling, Marketing, Fundraising, Membership and Volunteer Management. Designed specifically for Art House Cinemas, our solution is highly affordable and has no expensive per ticket costs. You want reports? We've got them! Please call us at (866) 379-5813 x101 to arrange a demo - we promise you'll be glad you did!



Fully functional ticketing made simple!

Brandable Mobile Marketing and Ticketing App

Have your own iPhone and Android app that your customers can download from the App Store under your cinema’s name.

Weekly Movie Screen Scheduling Solution

Supports up to 6 screens.

Quick and easy to use – schedule your entire week in just a few minutes.

Implement . . .

Touch-Screen Concessions POS Solution

Fast, easy-to-learn, touch screen display – complete sales in seconds.

Sell tickets, memberships and concessions in the same transaction . . .

Easy Membership Management

Offer any kind of Membership – individual, dual, family, corporate/business, Gold vs. Silver, lifetime, etc.

Sell Memberships at the POS . . .

Comprehensive Fundraising

The most comprehensive fundraising capabilities of any ticketing system on the market.

Take donations at the POS or after each . . .

Marketing and E-Mail

Interface to (coming soon!) to automatically share schedule and sale information.

Sell tickets directly from your own website . . .

Sell and Quickly Redeem Gift Cards

Our solution allows you to sell your own brandable gift cards in any dollar amounts.

Sell them quickly from our . . .

Management Reports

Complete range of easy-to-read box office reports – easily fax them directly to Distributors.

Optional automatic Rentrak reporting with . . .

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Art House Cinema SolutionsNo other movie-ticketing or arts-ticketing solution on the market has all of the capabilities offered by Art House Cinema Solutions. You’ll be instantly more productive and have the tools you need to increase ticket sales, grow your member-base, your patron-base and, most importantly, your donor-base.

We offer the simplicity of one single solution that unites all of your various systems together. Our movie schedule can feed your website content, power your digital signage and can distribute your show times to a variety of marketing channels. Our solution automatically sends your daily results overnight to Rentrak. Your donor database is your patron database – it is all one system. Sell tickets from your concessions POS and if you have a bar or a restaurant you can use your concessions POS for that too. You only need one credit card system to take payments online, in person or over the phone. And if you’re using QuickBooks, we can even interface to your accounting system. No more duplicate data; no more redundant data entry. Review your entire business from one set of reports.

With Art House Cinema Solutions you will know your business AND your customers better. No longer will you be limited to tracking sales by type of ticket. You will now be able to know who’s coming to the movies, how frequently, how long since they last came and most importantly, what types of movies are they seeing. Our management reports and marketing tools are the best in the business providing you with all of the information you need and the insights you’ve always wanted.

Our comprehensive fundraising solution has all of the features you’ll need to raise more money and with less effort. Our robust e-commerce platform allows you to take donations online and after each ticket sale as well as sell memberships and gift cards online.

Increase your profit margins and better manage your concessions with our easy-to-use, touchscreen POS solution and its in-depth concessions sales reports. Peter Drucker famously said: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Our system lets you easily track per-capita concessions sales (pre and post-tax) as well as your average order size and sales conversion rates on a daily and monthly basis. Know which items are selling the best and which items are providing the most profits.