Box Office


ImagiTix™ has a simple mission: Make selling tickets easy and affordable.

Serious Software

Our ImagiTix™ ticketing solution integrates real box office ticketing software with our online ticketing into one incredibly easy-to-use system. When you choose ImagiTix™ you get the world’s best fully hosted technology - serious software - for virtually any type of ticketing.


Our Unique Hybrid Solution

Unlike a clunky web browser, ImagiTix is REAL software that uses the cloud to give you the power you need at an affordable price.

Online Ticket Sales

ImagiTix leverages our PrintTixUSA online ticketing engine to provide a totally seamless, truly private-label ticketing experience.

Boxoffice Sales

Boxoffice sales with ImagiTix are incredibly easy and efficient. Brand new ticket sellers will be in full swing in about 5 minutes.

Ticket Package Sales

Use our optional ticket package features to effortlessly sell a whole season of tickets all at once with just a few mouse clicks.

Ticket Scanning

Built-in ticket scanning capability using Apple™ iOS devices allows you to you wirelessly control patron access to your events.

Powerful Reporting

ImagiTix offers a huge array of powerful, exportable reports that allow you to quickly see what is happening with your events.

Patron Management

Track your patron data effectively with our full patron database, which can easily be exported for marketing or any other purpose you like.

Mobile Ticketing

Our hosted ImagiTix technology provides full support for patrons using mobile devices, including on-screen electronic tickets.

Venue Management

Manage unlimited venues, auditoriums, rooms, and events with our open licensing process – no extra fees to add a venue!

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What Makes Us Unique

Real Software – With No Compromises

With ImagiTix,™ you don’t have to give up critical functionality to have an affordable alternative ticketing solution.  You get everything you would get with an expensive, difficult to manage installed software system, at the price of a low quality, limited feature web browser-based system.

Box Office Software At Its Best

Whether you’re ready to make your move from one of the many entry-level web browser-based ticketing systems to a serious software-based ticketing solution, want to simplify your IT and PCI burden by moving to a hosted system, or even if you have never used computerized ticketing in your organization before, ImagiTix™ offers all of the features you need to manage your ticketing operations for the 21st century.  Let us show you today!