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You Run A Tight Ship

ImagiTix is designed and built from the ground up with the power and flexibility arts and community theatre organizations need to keep things working smoothly. The complexities of day to day life in an arts environment (especially a non-profit organization) can keep even the most ardent supporter a little off balance. That’s why you need the power and control that our ImagiTix solutions offer – to help you keep things afloat as you manage and ticket for a wide range of events, all while managing the varying demands of every artist, actor, director, donor and accountant within your reach.

We Understand You

Diamond Ticketing has been working with arts organizations and community theatre groups for many years, and we know what makes you tick. We have carefully included the important features you need to provide the kind of high-level, personal, one-on-one service your patrons have come to expect from your boxoffice. Ticket reissues, refunds, and discounts are a core part of what ImagiTix is built for. Handling for special needs seating is included. And our extensive patron management system will keep you up to date about every patron, making you and your staff sound like personal friends every time they contact you.

Sized Right. Priced Right.

Whether your facility has 50 seats or 50,000 seats, whether you host 2 performances per year or 2,000, ImagiTix is perfect for you. And because we know you are on a tight budget, we know you’ll be amazed at how affordable real ticketing software really is. Call us today and let us amaze you.

Box Office

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