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We Have The Experience

Many years ago, some of our very first clients were museums, attractions and seasonal events. Whatever entertainment offering you have, ImagiTix can handle the crowd with ease. Whether your hot button is shortening the boxoffice lines, controlling gate access, or taking special care of your valuable annual members, we have the features and expertise to meet your needs. All you need is a solid Internet connection and a decent computer.

One Day, One Week, or All Year Long

ImagiTix is ready when you need it, even if yours is not a year-round ticketing operation. Rodeos, haunts, music festivals and historic sites have all benefited from the power of Diamond Ticketing’s extensive background in serving the needs of their organization. You only pay when you use the system, so if, for example, you are in operation only for a short period of time in the summer, or even if you just have a single big one-day event to sell tickets for, your unlimited ImagiTix license survives from year to year and you only receive invoices for your actual usage, meaning you only have to make significant payments when you already have money coming in the door anyway.

Memberships. Managed.

If you sell annual memberships, ask about our optional membership module that will allow you to sell, track, and manage membership data for each patron, as well as their entire family. ImagiTix can even print plastic membership cards! And it’s all fully integrated with your day-to-day ticketing operations, so you never lose your bearings honoring those valuable members. Let us show you today!

Box Office

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