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As Flexible As You Are

ImagiTix is designed to sell tickets for any type of event, both online and at the box office, and effortlessly handles hundreds of thousands of tickets per hour. Whether you are hosting a business conference, an exhibition, or yet another sell-out concert event, the horsepower and features you need can all be found in one place with Diamond Ticketing. With our gigantic capacity, fully-redundant data centers, huge on-sales become a no-brainer. And you are never painted into a corner! Easily sell some reserved seating events, some general admissions events, and some festival admission events in the same transaction. ImagiTix even allows you to sell reserved seats and general admission seats (open seating) to the same event! Ask us how!

As Much Power As You Can Demand

Box office sales, even complex reserved seating transactions, are lightning fast with ImagiTix. GA sales can be handled in as little as 15 seconds, reserved seating in about 30 seconds. And with the fastest built-in credit card processing times in the industry, there’s no more fumbling with desktop credit card terminals. Your box office lines will never have been shorter. And you can easily manage access control with your slick new iPod Touch/Linea Pro scanning devices that can scan dozens of tickets per minute at each door!

Settle Up NOW

With our ImagiTix solution, you always get your money immediately instead of waiting for the event to be completed before you finally get to settle up. With access to your funds as they roll in, you can cover ongoing expenses and advance talent payments easily. Sell tickets on your own website rather than sending your precious patrons off to a third party where your event is listed along with dozens of other events. And with Diamond Ticketing, YOU set and control your own service charges and fees based on what you think your patrons will pay. In fact, many ImagiTix clients can cover the entire cost of our advanced ticketing technology with just a small charge on Internet ticketing. We NEVER touch your money.

Design Away

Our powerful design tool will allow you to set up your event seating, and save your seating maps for future events without faxing in a design and then waiting for weeks before your seat map is ready. It’s all at your fingertips, wherever you are. Let us show you how easy it is to manage your venue and events with our industry-leading ImagiTix technology. Contact us today for a free demo!

Box Office

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