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Your Activities Are A Big Deal!

Many hotels and resorts are now offering their guests a wide array of activities. And local tour providers are partnering with hotel properties even more than ever. With the convenience and flexibility of the ImagiTix technology, you can now proudly tout the amazing offerings available to your guests both at the front counter and on your web site. Luaus, excursions, concerts, dinner theatre, and other activities keep your guests active and engaged, and add a nice revenue stream for your property. Diamond Ticketing understands the challenges that comes along with hosting these events and excursions, and ImagiTix provides a ticketing solution that is simple to understand and use. ImagiTix’s flexibility allows you to add additional activities in a snap. Excursion and tour operators can also leverage the power of ImagiTix to manage capacities, maintain compliance with regulations, and seamlessly sell advance tickets online.

Capture That Advance Revenue

Don’t wait for guests to come to your front counter and ask about your activities and events. With our advanced, fully private-label PrintTixUSA online ticketing engine, your guests can use your web site to plan the details of their vacation ahead of time. Guests can simply print their ticket right at home to avoid any lines for your popular (and often sold out) activities. Travel groups will also find this to be a big incentive to choose your hotel, resort or tour offering instead of your competition.

Make The Jump Today

Don’t use a compromise solution (like your Property Management System, or even worse, a handwritten list) to manage ticketing for those critical activities and events you spend so much time and energy planning for your guests. Get the edge you need by investing in an affordable ticketing solution to really keep your events and excursions on track. The time (and money) you save will amaze you. Contact us today for a free demo.

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