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A Solution Like No Other

ImagiTix is the best of both worlds. Traditionally, ticketing software has been available in just two technology flavors: Locally installed LAN-based software systems that run on your own network and servers, or a centrally-hosted system with HTML (web browser) or command-line (DOS) user interfaces.  You have to choose between a hosted system with a nearly unusable interface or a bank-breaking IT nightmare. But why should you have to compromise?

No Compromises Allowed

ImagiTix combines the best parts of both technologies. You get the low up-front costs and fees of a centrally-hosted system (where our trained professionals handle all the heavy lifting), and the high performance, attractive, easy-to-learn user interfaces that you could normally only get with installed ticketing software.  You can even use touch screens if you like – it’s all built in. Unlike those web-browser based systems, ImagiTix is REAL ticketing software you can rely on, NOT a toy. And unlike the locally-installed systems, you can afford it.

Find Out More

Take a minute right now to request a free demo and see why our clients rave on and on about our unique hybrid technology. Let us show you – once you see it you’ll never settle for anything else. We know you’ll be impressed.

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