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On The Move

The demand for Mobile Ticketing options is growing fast, it’s hard to keep up if you’re not paying attention.  At ImagiTix, we’re paying attention.  In a few years, mobile traffic may become the method of choice in ticketing.  The ability to buy tickets on your smartphone and redeeming those tickets is becoming more sophisticated, and so the need to keep it simple.

Mobile apps are all the rage, but are smartphone-specific and very expensive for your venue to develop.  ImagiTix can help by making any website a mobile box office by offering a very low cost, private label solution.  Plus, with our iPod and iPhone based ticket scanning software, bar codes displayed on a mobile device are now easily read and updated in real-time in the ImagiTix system using the optional Linea Pro scanning accessory. Don’t be left behind as technology progresses, capture the mobile ticketing opportunity now!

It’s Included!

Mobile Ticketing software is not an additional module at ImagiTix.  It’s all part of your system.

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