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Online Ticketing Is Essential

You can no longer live without online ticketing, and publishing events to the Internet couldn’t be easier with ImagiTix.  Leveraging our powerfully flexible PrintTixUSA online ticketing solution, your event calendar appears in a true private-label fashion on your own web site.  The tight, seamless integration between the ImagiTix software, PrintTixUSA, and your web site totally prevents the need to “hand off” a patron to a 3rd party to handle your ticketing transaction.

Your Patron, Not Ours

This is not somebody else’s web site with your logo plastered in the upper left corner – it’s your web site through and through.  Only the most technologically astute patrons will ever realize they transacted their business on our PrintTixUSA servers, and even then only if they are paying close attention.  The PrintTixUSA online ticketing engine becomes just another box office window for your ImagiTix ticketing inventory, as if run by a dedicated employee working tirelessly, 24 hours a day.

Redemption Your Way

With print-at-home ticketing, at the end of the sale, patrons just print their customized tickets at home, with your logos and disclaimers, ready to be scanned at the door using our scanning software. Online tickets may also be placed into the electronic ImagiTix Will Call queue for later pickup.

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