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Treasure Your Patrons

ImagiTix gives you multiple ways to track and serve your patrons.  From the easy-to-use patron look-up screen, to the complete patron transaction history.  Is there a patron who attends your events regularly a good candidate to buy season tickets?  Is a casual patron a good candidate for buying a series package or mini plan?  Find that information with ease by using ImagiTix.

What other information do you need to know?  It’s helpful to determine if a patron who only buys from the box office can be converted to an on-line ticketing customer – if you could move 10% of your box office customers to buying on-line, could you save the expense of having an extra person at the box office?  With our notes page, you can get to know a customer’s special needs, such as being a little hard-of-hearing and placing them closer to the action, or other special needs.

Your Patrons Are Always Yours

With ImagiTix, your patron data belongs to you and is protected in our PCI-compliant data centers. We never use your patron data for marketing or any other purpose – it’s your exclusively. You can also export your patron details in industry-standard format anytime for marketing purposes or for import into other business systems using any of our dozens of patron export filters.

Watch And Learn

Patron data is never lost, deleted or modified. Our world class systems backup your data every 5 minutes, so nothing is ever lost. Each patron’s purchase history is saved forever, so you can get to know your patrons a little better with each ticket purchased. Let ImagiTix gather the data you need to really know your patrons.

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