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Sooo…. How Much Money DID We Make Last Night?

Reporting is the life-blood of any organization.  ImagiTix offers scores of predefined reports all at your fingertips.  Some companies offer hundreds of reports, but almost none are actually ever used.  We think reports need to tell the story that will help you determine how successful a marketing campaign was, or promotional effort, and provide you with the key sales and accounting information you need to analyze your marketing efforts and book the most profitable events.

What Do You Want To Know?

Many of the reports in ImagiTix were not originally developed by our team.  Most of them have come from direct feedback from our customers.  What was once a custom report idea for a particular venue often actually becomes a good idea for our wide range of customers.  Diamond Ticketing listens to our customers and develops reports that really help customers capture the information they’re looking for to help with future events.

Crank It Up and Spit It Out

All ImagiTix reports are available in real time, and can be accessed from your computer at home, your laptop when you may be travelling, or anywhere you have our software installed.  Reports can also be exported to numerous spreadsheet applications and portable formats like PDF.

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