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Season Tickets Are Now Easy

With our optional Ticket Package module, handling season tickets and other event packages is effortless and practically unlimited.  Create and sell just about any type of package you can imagine, and control the package selling process by event, performance date, pricing, date sold and much more. Set up full season packages, partial season, mini-packages and pick-your-own event packages, just about anything you can imagine.

Fully Integrated

The ImagiTix Ticket Package module is fully integrated into your software, not an afterthought. Review and access package tickets right alongside your single ticket sales, reissue season tickets to different dates or seats as needed, and manage transactions at will. Picking dates is easy, and you only have to pick the seats once. Take time to sit back and enjoy the benefits of easy season tickets with the power of ImagiTix.

Protect Those Assets

We know how important your season ticket holders are to the success of your organization. ImagiTix gives you full data export capabilities to easily identify and reach your package subscribers at the start of each new season.

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