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Bulletproof From The Ground Up

Ticketing for professional & college sports is perhaps the most challenging thing a ticketing system can face, and Diamond Ticketing Systems’ ticketing solutions were designed from the outset up to be equal to the task.  Our powerful ImagiTix box office solutions make season ticketing and online group sales a breeze, and our exclusive “rapid sell” feature virtually eliminates box office lines.

Control Your Online Fees, Control Your Image

When it comes to your precious online image, our industry-leading PrintTixUSA online ticketing engine seamlessly makes you and your team look great – never again will you be forced to ship your precious patrons off to a 3rd party “white label” web site to buy tickets.  And with Diamond Ticketing, you set (and collect) ALL of the fees – there’s no more letting somebody else dictate one of your most critical revenue streams.  Don’t keep taking those irritated phone calls complaining about “your” high convenience fees.  And there’s no more waiting for your money – in fact, we never touch it – all transactions process right on your own merchant account and all money is deposited nightly.

We Know Sports

Diamond Ticketing’s software solutions effortlessly process hundreds of thousands of tickets for a variety of professional sporting organizations each and every year.  With our innovative and unique hybrid ticketing technology, you can process a complete reserved-seat transaction in as little as 15 seconds, making boxoffice lines a thing of the past and making your patrons ecstatic.

The Time Is Now

Isn’t it time you finally dumped that clunky old system you hate anyway and made the jump to a ticketing solution that has the horsepower, performance, and features you need to make your box office operation as much of a winner as your team?  Even if your are under contract for now, don’t hesitate – we’d like to get to know you anyway. Contact us today to arrange for a no-obligation demo and let us show you how easy it can be to convert to our world-class ImagiTix ticketing solution the moment you’re ready.  What have you got to lose?

Box Office

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