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The Very Best in Ticket Scanning

Diamond Ticketing’s powerful PrintTixUSA online ticketing system has been scanning bar
codes since 1998.  We were the first to introduce online bar code ticketing, and we have
made it our business to stay on the cutting edge of the hardware for the best results at the best price.

Making It Easy

With ImagiTix, you can use any iPhone or iPod Touch as your scanning solution.  Just download our app from the App Store, register your device, and begin scanning! If conditions are right, you can use the device’s built-in camera for scanning tickets, or for the best scanning performance in any lighting environment, you can add the Linea Pro scanning accessory.  What do you get? A reliable scanning solution that will read your print-at-home, box office, or mobile phone tickets with equal ease.  It’s all wireless, so as long as there is Internet capability, you’re all set.

Always Connected

Using your standard Wi-Fi network, IScan for iOS seamlessly communicates with the ImagiTix ticketing servers over the Internet in real time, giving you accurate information, and catching any fraudulent tickets at the door. Online tickets are handled effortlessly, easily admitting multiple patrons at once from a single transaction where desired. If you scan tickets at multiple doors, IScan automatically keeps track of at which door each ticket was scanned, and always tracks the exact date and time the patron was admitted. All of this detail results in extremely detailed access control reports that can show you how to staff your facility better and provide the best possible patron experience at the door.

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