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Unlimited Flexibility

Your ImagiTix system easily enables you to do reserved seating, general admission and festival seating or any combination of those.  ImagiTix allows you to manage an unlimited number of venues with an unlimited number of users.  Use our best-seat-available algorithms or the pick your own seats option.

 ImagiTix gives you all the tools you need to manage your venues and events.  With our incredibly powerful seat-map creation tool, you can easily create and manage your own seat maps without being an expert or needing to wait for someone else to do it for you. No more faxing in your map and then waiting 3 weeks every time you need a seat map changed. You can develop as many seat maps as you need and save them in your ImagiTix system for future usage.

Up And Running In No Time

Within minutes, you can set up your venue to sell tickets for any type of event you can imagine.  Set your ticket prices, set your own fees, discounts, etc., set up your dates and times, activate on-line sales and set up your seat maps, all from your computer, all on your own.  And remember, your personal ImagiTix implementation specialist is always ready to help you with answers to any questions and with any one-on-one training you need.

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