The Sensible Choice for Cinema Operations

What is Sensible Cinema?

Sensible Cinema software is exactly that - a "sensible," practical, and incredibly affordable way to handle ticketing and concessions for your cinema operations. Sensible Cinema includes all the bell and whistles you need, all the reports you crave, and all the features you want. And it's all built on a proven, industry-standard Windows server database platform that gives you the reliability you need to stay up and running even when it's a blockbuster night.


Box Office Sales

With our super-Sensible, straightforward touch-screen interfaces, selling tickets and concessions has never been easier or simpler.

Concession Sales

Comprehensive concession sales functionality is fully supported, and can be customized to meet your needs exactly.

Online Ticketing

Sensible Cinema offers the true private-label functionality of the PrintTixUSA ticketing engine to give your patrons a seamless experience.


Reporting of all types in Sensible Cinema is comprehensive and adaptable to meet your specific needs.

Credit & Gift Cards

Sensible Cinema’s payment processing options are extensive, including built-in support for all credit cards, and custom gift cards.

Signage Control

Automatically control your LED, LCD or Plasma signage with a regular direct showtime data download from Sensible Cinema.

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What Makes Us Unique

No Frills, No Sacrifices

Sensible Cinema offers all the key features you need for managing your cinema operations, without any of the fancy frills that bog down the big expensive systems. Most cinema owners are “doers,” and simply don’t need the extra baggage that comes with a system so complex you can’t even identify problems yourself, let alone fix them. With Sensible, the technology is not mysterious, and you don’t need an egghead tech support guy to solve most problems. The system just flat-out runs, and if you ever DO have an issue, you can probably fix it without any help from us at all. But when you do need help, you’ll have a direct line to us for the help you need.

Proven Technology

Sensible Cinema software uses simple, proven, industry-standard Microsoft database technologies and standard Windows networking, so there’s nothing under the hood that you (or maybe your IT guy) is not already familiar with. And that means the system will rarely have any issues at all. We believe that the simpler a system is, the more Sensible it is.

Lowest Fees In The Industry

After you’ve seen the demo, you’ll be shocked the see how affordable the Sensible System is to own. The cost of installation is just a tiny fraction of the cost of other systems. There are no per-ticket fees or large annual support contracts required. And it’s all within your budget. Take a minute right now to request a free demo and see why so many cinemas are switching to the Sensible Choice.