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Proven Cinema Solutions

Sensible Cinema has been in business since 1993 … built by former movie theatre employees who imagined and constructed the kind of system that was missing from the industry.  Simple to operate at an affordable price.  Hundreds of cinemas later, Sensible continues to meet their customer’s needs.  Sensible Cinema uses the robust reliability of Windows with industry tested and standardized equipment.

Affordable Excellence

Sensible Cinema offers the lowest licensing fees in the industry, and requires no mandatory recurring support or service fees.  There are scores of predesigned reports, and up to 99 security levels to allow you to customize access to features, such as reports and refunding.  In addition, through integrated partners, Sensible Cinema offers On line, private-label ticketing, 3-second credit card processing, reloadable gift card programs,  all fully PCI-DSS certified.

Touch Screen Simplicity

Sensible Cinema offers intuitive touch screen interfaces throughout, including big, colorful buttons that make your system easy to learn and fun. Training new employees just takes a few minutes. Contact us today for more information on how to simplify your cinema operations!


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