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Built-In And Ready To Go

Concession inventory, sales and management is an optional, integral component of Sensible Cinema’s box office system.  Sensible Cinema gives you 100 register departments on screen “keys”, and 9900  PLU departments, all items have the option of being rung using a barcode scanner, key or PLU number.  In addition to selling and tracking items that have been sold, the Sensible Cinema system will also produce purchase orders when it’s time to re-order.

It’s Your Bread And Butter

Let’s face it, selling concessions is a primary profit center for any movie theatre, and Sensible Cinema wants to make it easy for your theatre to sell items quickly and to keep track of the inventory.  You have enough to worry about. Let our concessions module make your life a little less stressful.

Built To Suit Your Needs

Concession sales software can be licensed as a stand alone application or as part of the complete box office ticketing system.  A combo license terminal will allow you to sell tickets and concessions in a single transaction.  All licenses include 90 days of support with no recurring or mandatory support or license fees.


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