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Go Private-Label!

Sensible Cinema features a full integration with Diamond Ticketing Systems’ powerful, private-label PrintTixUSA on line ticketing system.  With this full integration, the Point-of-Sale database ticket counts update in real time with each on line purchase, ensuring that shows are never oversold.  This also eliminates any need for the theatre manager or box office employee to constantly check their available ticket counts between the box office and on line sales.


With PrintTixUSA, Sensible Cinema customers have a totally seamless process to sell movie tickets on their private-label branded site, where their patrons never realize they’ve left the theatre’s own web site to purchase tickets.  PrintTixUSA remains behind the scenes while the powerful online ticketing technology is running the transaction on YOUR web site.  No longer do your show times appear right next to your closest competitor on some 3rd party web site.  However…

Don’t Lose Out On The Big Traffic

The PrintTixUSA system simultaneously provides a full ticketing inventory integration with and their many major search engine partners, which makes your ticket inventory available to patrons who may not know your web site address. Through the Sensible Cinema/PrintTixUSA integration, theatres get the best of both worlds … a totally private-label site to promote their brand, and a powerful search engine to allow ticket sales to patrons who may not know where to go to the movies and get movie show times in their local area.


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