Features / Reporting

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All The Information You Need

There are scores of predesigned reports offered in the Sensible Cinema software.  Daily reports include the daily box office statement, sales summary, gross and attendance, detailed attendance report by feature, attendance by show number, cash balance, and concession item sales reports.  Weekly reports include the weekly box office statement, sales summary and concession reports.

We Didn’t Forget About Concessions

In addition, Sensible Cinema includes a concession inventory report, concession yields report, concession no-sales item inventory, concession inventory report, concession purchase orders, usher and projectionist showtime report and a full showtime listing report.

There Is Much More

These are only a few of the reports available.  Each operator can choose reports most appropriate for the theatre or venue.  You can get a full listing of available reports and examples of what they look like by visiting this page.


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