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Sell more tickets, grow your audience and improve your relationships with patrons through Easy-Ware’s integrated and full-featured fundraising and ticketing solutions.

In addition to complete fundraising capabilities and a full education management suite, Total Info includes an advanced box office and ticketing solution, designed for performing arts non-profits of all kinds. We have a richly designed, user-tested solution that has been developed in consultation with ticketing, marketing and arts management professionals over several years. The design has been greatly enhanced by incorporating years of insightful suggestions by hundreds of users.

Looking for a better solution? Only Total Info allows you to see fundraising, box office and education involvement together for every constituent and across every family throughout your system. Total Info goes far beyond basic ticketing systems, giving you the tools you need to help you reach and exceed your budgeted fundraising, box office and education goals efficiently and effectively.

One Integrated System

Frequently, performing arts non-profits have completely separate systems for fundraising and box office or they attempt to record their fundraising and education activities in a system designed primarily for ticketing. They wind up frustrated, using multiple spreadsheets and databases full of redundant, un-shareable information and wasting time and money attempting to synchronize and de-duplicate disparate databases. Easy-Ware provides a single, integrated solution for every department. Total Info is an enterprise-wide information system that allows every staff member to work with the same information, eliminating duplicate data and significantly improving efficiency across all departments.

The Features You Need at a Price You Can Afford

Easy-Ware is committed to providing an affordable solution to all customers. Our low, one-time license fee and low ongoing maintenance fees are unmatched in the industry. Our solution provides you with the best value and has more of the features you need at a price you can afford.

There are no per-ticket fees for in-person or phone sales, online ticket buyers pay a small convenience fee, and we pay the credit card costs of online ticketing out of our fee – giving you the full face value of the ticket.

Unlike some competing systems that hold your funds until the performance has completed, our online ticket sales are reimbursed by check weekly for the previous week’s ticket sales, no matter when your event is held.

Comprehensive and Easy-to-Use

Total Info’s comprehensive design makes it the perfect solution for any type of performing arts agency. Total Info makes it easy for you to set up your entire season in an afternoon and be selling tickets and subscriptions in less than a few hours of work. Choose from general admission, reserved seating or a combination of the two. Offer best available seating of your own design or let patrons pick their own seats. You can create complex seating charts in just a few minutes and store them in Total Info’s seating chart library for re-use. Create a new chart for each production or use and edit a saved one. Total Info even allows you to change your seating charts after tickets have been sold. Easily accommodate unlimited pricing tiers, pricing variations by day or time, dynamic pricing and handicap accessible seating.

Add new productions or performances easily and change dates/times, extend shows or add seats at any time. Create unlimited discounts and marketing codes and copy them from production to production, adding and editing as needed. Design your own tickets and create custom email confirmation templates.

Total Info has special features to help you manage your group sales, school bookings and touring show calendar. Reserve blocks of seats, change orders as often as necessary and save production attendance histories for schools and teachers. Group sales and school bookings can be paid for in single or multiple payments, and Total Info can automatically generate group sale and booking invoices, contracts and follow-up documents using your existing sales templates. Total Info also offers a unique tour management feature for traveling shows. Add tour runs to existing productions and automatically generate and send contracts to hosting venues.

Total Info’s robust subscription features support multiple venues, both general admission and assigned seating, and offer four subscription models: Series/Package Subscriptions, Any Show Flex Passes, Specific Show Flex Passes and Design-Your-Own Flex Passes. Subscriptions can be sold online with optional donation and can be rolled over from season to season, if desired.

Subscriptions (and single ticket sales) can be easily exchanged with or without a fee, or donated back, and you can set up automatic weekly e-mails to subscribers and single ticket buyers reminding them of their upcoming performances. Total Info facilitates the subscription renewal process by allowing you to send detailed letters, pre-filled forms or e-mails to current subscribers when it’s time to renew. When entering new subscription purchases, Total Info shows you a patron’s existing seats and any requested seating or series changes and will seat them in all shows within a series/package with a single click. Total Info automatically reports on new, renewing and lapsed subscriber counts and provides detailed sales reports by package or by week.

Thoughtful Design that Works the Way You Expect It To

User interface design is always important but especially so for box office and ticketing software. Total Info’s unique box office dashboard design easily combines the complex set of disparate tasks required to run a box office together into one easy-to-navigate solution. We spent three years developing our solution and have continued to evolve our design with constant input from our users.

What you will appreciate most about our solution are the many small design decisions that make the software work the way you expect it to work, flexibly accommodating your many requirements no matter how they differ from customer to customer. We look forward to demonstrating our system for you. /p>

Family-Friendly Data Design

Easy-Ware’s unique family-oriented data design is ideal for non-profit organizations that need comprehensive fundraising and ticketing. Record separate information about each family member, including children, and use unlimited custom data fields to record important information such as special needs or seating preferences. Track all personal and family information about your patrons, record their complete transaction and involvement history and understand how they relate to your organization and each other.

As a comprehensive CRM solution, Total Info allows you to see an entire family’s total history and involvement with your agency at a glance. See everything from fundraising to volunteering, to education, subscriptions and ticketing, as well as notes and full contact histories for each family member.

For additional information about box office ticketing features please visit www.easy-ware.com/boxoffice.


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