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Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time filling your classes and giving your students the attention they deserve. Increase your education program volume with less effort and get paid faster through Easy-Ware’s integrated education tools.

In addition to complete fundraising capabilities, Total Info includes a full education management suite, designed specifically for non-profit organizations that offer educational programming as part of their missions. Developed in consultation with dozens of after-school programs, children’s theatres, arts academies and education professionals, Total Info accommodates a wide variety of program types, from Classes and Camps to Private Lessons and Residencies.

Looking for a better solution? Only Total Info allows you to see fundraising and education involvement together for every constituent and across every family throughout your system. Total Info goes beyond basic fundraising and education solutions, giving you the tools you need to help you reach and exceed your budgeted goals efficiently and effectively.

One Integrated System

Too often, growing non-profits haphazardly develop or acquire data management systems by function or necessity. They wind up using multiple spreadsheets and databases full of redundant, un-shareable information and wasting time and money attempting to synchronize and de-duplicate disparate databases. Easy-Ware provides a single, integrated solution for every department. Total Info is an enterprise-wide information system that allows every staff member to work with the same information, eliminating duplicate data and significantly improving efficiency across all departments.

Family-Friendly Design

Unlike many fundraising systems that use “households” or education systems that are student-centered, Easy-Ware’s unique family-oriented data design is ideal for non-profit organizations that need comprehensive fundraising and offer educational programs. Our family design saves individual records for parents and children together in one family group and can elegantly handle complex family situations that many other solutions simply can’t, such as divorces, non-traditional families / guardians, family members with different last names, seasonal addresses, personal e-mails and cell phones for each family-member and other modern challenges.

As a comprehensive CRM solution, Total Info allows you to see an entire family’s total involvement at a glance. You can also manage and observe the evolution of a constituent’s activities – from Child Program Participant through Alumni, Volunteer, Donor and eventually Parent of a new Child Participant – without ever deleting, re-entering or duplicating the record.

Accommodate a Wide Variety of Programming

Whether you offer a regular slate of classes, occasional educational programs or a handful of private lessons, Total Info’s education management solution is designed to handle your most complex programming needs. Create unlimited programs of various types (classes, camps, residencies and lessons), copy programs from term to term, edit details (date/time, location, instructor) for individual sessions and easily accommodate any schedule or instructor changes. Total Info can help you manage private lessons, day and summer camps and teacher/artist residencies at other locations.

Handle More Volume with Less Effort

It’s a common story among non-profit education programs: as program offerings, registration volume and administration needs increase, the education staff remains the same. In some cases, programming becomes limited by available resources. Total Info streamlines your most time-consuming administrative processes (registration, billing, collections, etc.) and helps you get more done in less time and offer more programs without adding additional staff.

Through Total Info’s comprehensive registration form, you can sell multiple programs in a single transaction, add a donation and/or product purchases and easily apply fees, discounts, scholarships and vouchers. Total Info sends summary acknowledgements, invoices and reminders by e-mail to the buyer as necessary.

Discounts and Scholarships

Total Info accommodates all types of discounts, including complimentary registrations, and helps you track the costs of your discount policies. Forgotten or overlooked discounts can be easily applied after a sale, and a refund can be issued for the difference.

Full or partial scholarships can be used to pay for programs for students who qualify, and scholarship amounts can be awarded as a credit to families to be used as best suits their needs. Scholarships are handled discreetly so that financial aid information is known only by school administrators.

Sell More than Just Classes

Total Info allows you to sell products (class supplies, t-shirts, uniforms, chorus robes, scripts, textbooks, CDs, DVDs, etc.) alongside your program registrations. If appropriate, you can also sell any type of membership with your registration. Total Info can handle a variety of different types of fees, such as fees to offset credit card and handling costs or a non-refundable registration fee, as well as allow you to take a donation with a registration.

For additional information about education management please visit www.easy-ware.com/education.


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