Acacia Theatre Company Values Easy-Ware and Diamond Ticketing

The inspiration of Acacia Theatre Company

The inspiration of Acacia Theatre Company

Acacia Theatre Company, named after the acacia tree represented in the Bible’s Book of Isaiah, was created in 1980 as “…an independent, non-profit, interdenominational Christian…” playhouse. The actors who founded the theatre wanted to portray stories with “…uplifting, quality entertainment…that express the experiences and positive values important to…” Christians as well as non-Christians.

Acacia began as a touring company. Over the years the actors performed at schools, retirement communities and churches of every denomination in the greater Milwaukee area. During the 1983-84 season the troupe expanded its reach with main stage productions in several local playhouses. Current performances are in the Concordia University Todd Wehr Auditorium located in Mequon, Wisconsin.

Many of their productions are secular for the purpose of sparking conversation about “…Judeo-Christian values…,” personal responsibility and accountability in the greater realm of society. They chose the acacia tree as their symbol because of its deep roots for surviving droughts and its portrayal in the Bible as the wood used in the building of the Ark of tAcacia Theatre Co Values Easy-Ware & Diamond Ticketinghe Covenant.

Easy-Ware, the most inclusive performing arts POS system in the business, delivers revenue and valuable marketing assistance while Diamond Ticketing is the online ticketing force for Acacia Theatre Company.

Acacia Theatre Co Values Easy-Ware & Diamond Ticketing

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