Historic Studio Cinema Belmont Running with Sensible Cinema & Diamond Ticketing

Studio Cinema owner Jim Bramante and his brother purchased the theater over 30 years ago. It opened as a silent film and stage show venue in 1919, then called the Strand Theatre, in the Central Square section of Belmont, Massachusetts. It’s one of few single-screen theaters of its kind in the country.

It reached the height of its popularity in 1941. At that time it was named the Studio. It provided 700 seats and was part of the Warner Bros. film distribution network.

In early 2015 the cinema closed  for remodeling. After a few weeks, the historic and elegant theater was preserved.

Since then, Studio Cinema brought back the staging of film festivals as it had done in the past. The Global Cinema Film Festival of Boston recently featured over 28 films from around the world. The executive director of the Festival, Raouf Jacob, said “the mission is to give filmmakers an opportunity to spotlight stories that deserve global attention.” Several films had been featured at major competitions including the Tribeca, Sundance, BAFTA, Toronto International and Rhode Island International film festivals. With nationwide concerns over refugee crises, the proceeds of the festival benefited the International Institute of New England which houses the Refugee & Immigrant Assistance Center.

The Bramante brothers chose Sensible Cinema to handle their POS system, one of the most thorough and affordable in the market. Sensible partnered with Diamond Ticketing Systems, a pioneer in the exhibition industry, for Studio Cinema’s online ticketing purchases.

The Bramantes also own the popular multiplex West Newton Cinema in Newton, Massachusetts.

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