Lehi Round-Up Rodeo Partners with Diamond Ticketing Systems

Lehi Round-Up Selects Diamond Ticketing Systems

The Lehi Round-Up Rodeo has selected Diamond Ticketing Systems to provide for them box office and online ticketing services.

Many communities hold celebrations, but few have a history like the Lehi Round-Up City Celebration. Early celebrations in Lehi began in the 1850’s with the first pioneers in town. These celebrations happened on the 4th of July, or the 24th of July – Pioneer Day. They featured parades, ball games, rodeos and picnics. These celebrations continued into the early years of the 20th century. Shortly after World War I, in the 20’s, the parades became more like what we have today. Citizens began to build miniature floats and children would decorate wagons and bikes. These original parades went around Wines Park in the center of town, or around the rodeo grounds. By 1926, awards were being given for the best floats.

The Mayor and City Council organized a Civic Improvement Association. One of the tasks this group was assigned was to organize and carry out a city wide celebration. Under their direction, the celebration was moved to the last full week of June and a “Name the Celebration” contest was held. Ethel Hunger’s winning entry was the Lehi Round-Up – which recalled the farm/ranch legacy of the early pioneers that was being carried on by third and fourth generation farmers and ranchers.

The Civic Improvement Association began to sponsor the annual Lehi Round-Up Rodeo, which has been happening since 1937, making this the 75th anniversary of the event. The Celebration Committee, working closely with the CIA, sponsors the parades and other activities during the week. This format continues to operate effectively today.

The Lehi Round-Up Rodeo is a major stop on the Wilderness Circuit for professional rodeo cowboys, and some of the biggest stars in the sport compete on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. To add to the excitement, the CIA has been successful in bringing in some of the top rodeo acts to perform between the competitions.

The Lehi miniature parade remains one of the trademark parades in the state.  There are no parades to compare and on Friday night citizens line the streets to see these wonderful creations. Saturday morning is another parade, where the winners of the miniature float competition are showcased, along with larger floats.

For more information or to purchase tickets please visit www.lehirodeo.com.

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