Westates Theaters in Elko, Nevada Bring Sensible Cinema POS System on Board

Weststates Theaters Eldo NV Brings Sensible Cinema on BoardWestates Theaters in Elko, Nevada — the Elko Crystal 5 and the Elko Cinema 6 — have switched to Sensible Cinema’s efficient and affordable POS system.

Westates was founded by the late Tony Rudman. He began his adventurous life in one of the biggest escapades any 18-year-old could imagine — WWII.  As a U.S. Marine Tony was in the midst of the Battle of Saipan in the Pacific Theater in 1944 when he was shot and severely injured, spending two years in the hospital. After recovery he considered his survival the biggest achievement of his life and thereafter, life was “gravy,” according to his son TJ.  “He was a tough guy and during his life, he let nothing bother him,” he says. “He was my hero.”

Rudman began his career in the cinema industry working fot RKO Picutres as a film buyer in 1947. Soon after he opened his own film buying business. He bought his first theater in 1958, the Davis Drive-In in Layton, Utah where a Kohl’s department store now stands. At the height of his empire he was managing over 110 theaters throughout the Mountain West.

Rudman purchased the Crystal 5, an existing single-screen theater, over 40 years ago in downtown Elko. The railroad line (part of the transcontinental railway) that ran right next to it, was eventurally taken out as part of a downtown redevelopment project. This enabled Rudman over the years to creatively expand the cinema into the five-screen complex it is today.

The Elko Cinema 6 was born as a four-plex during the development of the rapidly growing western part of Elko in the 1980’s. About five years ago two stadium seaters were added making it a six-screen theater. Westates Theaters is still a family-owned business managed by Rudman’s children.

When Westates brought Sensible Cinema to their theaters, they customized an affordable and state-of-the-art program to meet the needs of all of their operations. This dynamic POS engine offers:

  • Easy-to-use ticketing
  • Powerful concession sales
  • Automatic signage control
  • Truly private-label online Ticketing
  • Built-in credit card processing
  • Fully integrated gift card programs
  • Comprehensive reports

Another huge savings is the fact that there are no annual licensing fees per terminal like the competition levees — the software fees are only a one-time low cost investment. Diamond Ticketing Systems’ PrintTixUSA adds the cherry on the top for affordable and efficient online ticketing for the Elko Crystal 5 and the Elko Cinema 6 theaters.

Sensible Cinema Software

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