True private-label, print-at-home Internet ticketing.

What is PrintTixUSA?

PrintTixUSA is the world's first fully private-label online ticketing solution. Patrons start and end the process at your web site and never for a moment feel like they have linked to somebody else's web site to buy tickets. They are your events, your tickets, and your patrons. Don't let them get lost in somebody else's brand.


Reserved Seating

The PrintTixUSA ticketing engine is capable of processing on-line ticketing transactions for both GA and Reserved Seating events.

Mobile Device Ticketing

Full support for selling and redeeming tickets purchased on today’s mobile devices is included with your system at no extra charge.


PrintTixUSA offers a wide array of reports through our browser-based administrative tools, which you can access 24/7.

Ticket Scanning

Scan print-at-home or mobile device bar codes using our scanning software, which is included with your system at no extra charge.

Print-at-Home Ticketing

Patrons use their own printer to generate an 8.5 x 11″ ticket that can be redeemed at the door or at your box office window.

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What Makes Us Unique

True Private-Label Ticketing

Our online ticketing engine looks virtually indistinguishable from your own web site, and if you open the ticketing process in the same window (we’ll show you how) the patron will never know they have been handed off to complete their ticketing transaction. At the end of the transaction, the patron is redirected seamlessly back to whatever page you specify on your own site. It’s virtually invisible. No more handing your patron off to a 3rd party web site to sell tickets!

It’s All Yours

We don’t claim any space on your ticketing pages, your print-at-home ticket, or anywhere else. No ads, no logos, nothing. You can use that space for whatever you want. All of this is meant to make your brand shine, not ours.