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Along with being the first to utilize print-at-home ticketing, PrintTixUSA was among the first to use bar code technology to scan tickets.  Back in 1999, we started making this technology available to Movie Theatres across the USA.  PrintTixUSA’s bar code scanning is done in real-time, so that the redemption and sale are immediately entered into your Point of Sale system, insuring that the event will never be oversold due to on-line ticketing activity.

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Our bar code scanning is now available in hundreds of locations, from small community theatres to sports arenas.  PrintTixUSA makes scanning possible through either simple hand held scanner attached to a PC, all the way to the iPod Touch software available with our ImagiTix product.  And keep in mind the trend toward mobile ticketing when looking for a solid and reliable scanning device. Let us help you come up with the perfect combination of on-line ticketing and redemption solutions for your events.


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