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The First. The Best.

PrintTixUSA was the first ticketing company to offer an online Print-at-Home ticket.  To this day, this is still how the majority of our on-line ticketing is done.  PrintTixUSA encourages you to fully utilize your capabilities to customize your ticket.  Add your logo, add advertisers or important sponsors. Remember, PrintTixUSA is a true private-label experience for your patrons, so 100% of the space on the ticket belongs to you. We claim absolutely no space for ads on your ticket.

Scan Away

Print-At-Home tickets include a photocopy-proof unique bar code number that can only be used once. If you are using ImagiTix, use our IScan software on your iPod or iPhone to scan tickets. With other POS systems, we’ll provide you with our free PC-based scanning software (“TVS”) to handle redemption at the door.  Tickets purchased on mobile devices can also display their bar code right on the device’s display for scanning. Bar code numbers can be entered in manually if the bar code is damaged, or patrons can look up their purchases via credit card number if they forget their printed ticket. The entire redemption process is customizable to meet your needs, and is entirely up to you.

Also Supported: Will Call

For organizations that prefer to have patron stop at the box office window and pick up their tickets, a will call ticketing model is also supported. In this environment, patrons simply print a “receipt” or “voucher” instead of a “ticket.” And since you can put whatever instructions you like on the printed paper, you can provide instructions on how to pick up tickets.


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