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Choose Your Seating Method

The powerful PrintTixUSA ticketing engine is capable of processing on-line ticketing transactions for both General Admission and Reserved Seating events.  For POS systems that offer Reserved Seating, patrons can always use the Best Seat Available option, and for a rapidly growing number of systems, full Pick-Your-Own-Seat functionality is now available (ask for details).  Of course, there are advantages to both types of reserved seating.  You may not want patrons seeing how many seats are sold, especially if a show is selling slowly, so in that case, choosing seats by the best seat available algorithm may be the best option.  For shows selling well, or anticipated to sell well, picking your own seats will promote higher on-line sales and sales further in advance. Ask us about reserved seating options for your POS system when you contact us.

Sometimes GA Is The Way To Go

For simpler seating arrangements, General Admission events are simple to create and sell with PrintTixUSA.  With PrintTixUSA, you are always in control of your events, so you can set up your system to sell a select number of tickets on-line so that you have tickets to sell at the box office until showtime.  You can also set up your system to shut off on-line ticketing at a predetermined time, say 30 minutes before the start of the event.


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