Website Integration Process

Painstaking Private-Label

PrintTixUSA is unmatched in our commitment to promote your brand throughout the ticket-buying process.  Our Private-label solution is unequaled by other so-called “customized” or “white-label” website solutions.  We do not just slap your logo in the upper left-hand corner of OUR page design. We do NOT plaster our name all over your ticketing template.  In fact, we work as hard as we can to literally disappear from view altogether.

The result? A totally seamless, private-label experience that will be virtually indistinguishable from your own web site.  We allow your brand to shine through, and we hide in the background, usually unnoticed.

How We Do It

The template creation process is incredibly easy, for you anyway. All you do is give us the URL of a page on your web site that you’d like us to use as a “skin” for your ticketing template. Our expert web template designers then go to work to match your website as closely as they possibly can. We’ll download all the files we need right from your web site – you don’t have to send us anything at all, just that URL you want us to duplicate.  Once we’re done, you’ll have a chance to review your brand spanking new template and comment until we get it right.  When you’re happy with our design, you’ll just add a link from your web site to the ticketing engine (it’s easy – we’ll show you how) and you’re up and running, selling tickets online! Your patron stays right on your web site all the way through the on-line transaction, and the engine then returns them to your website seamlessly at the end.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our initial website integration process is part of your one-time licensing and set up fee, not an additional fee that you will incur with many other Internet ticketing companies. Once your original design is completed, wholesale web site changes and minor design adjustments are billed hourly, based on actual time and materials.

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